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Crossing Cultural Borders

Explore Pathways to Intercultural Awareness and Dialogue

Photo: Two boys.

Photograph courtesy Crossing Borders Films

Our current world situation is largely shaped by cross-cultural tensions, while our survival depends on intercultural understanding. Countries and ethnic groups are unable to tackle issues of environment, poverty, or globalization on their own. This collection, produced in partnership with Crossing Borders Films, is designed to empower a new generation who understand the complexities of cross-cultural conflicts and have the capabilities, commitment, and grit to address them.

The collection begins with several segments from the documentaries Crossing Borders and American Textures, produced by Crossing Borders Films, and The Dialogue, created by Crossing Borders Films and co-produced by Michigan State University. In addition to the video clips, the collection, for grades 6-12+, includes a rich selection of related activities, reference materials, maps, and a variety of other resources. Use the resources to reach students on a personal level—to empower them to see the world from different perspectives and realize their opportunities and responsibilities as global citizens.

Bridging Cultural Barriers

In these Crossing Borders Films video clips, we get to know young people of diverse cultures who travel and live together—overcoming cultural stereotypes, opening lines of communication, and learning about others and themselves.

Crossing Borders

Follow the journey of four American and four Moroccan students in Morocco as they explore the power of cross-cultural friendships in confronting barriers between American and Muslim cultures.

The Dialogue

Join four American and four Chinese university students as they travel together through Hong Kong and Southwest China—deepening their understanding of one another, communication skills, and their abilities to bridge cultural differences.

American Textures

​Listen to the conversations of six American youth of Latino, Caucasian and African American backgrounds traveling and living together in the southern U.S. as they struggle with developing understanding in the face of racial and cultural divides.


Explore maps of the regions visited by the students in Crossing Borders and The Dialogue.

Crossing Borders Films

This page is created around the intercultural documentaries of Crossing Borders Films (CBF). CBF is dedicated to enhancing conflict mediation skills and deepening intercultural understanding through films about the interactions of youth from diverse cultural and social backgrounds. CBF is an initiative of Crossing Borders Education, a UK non-profit organization for cross-cultural education.
Learn more about Crossing Borders Films here

Understanding Culture

Culture Collection

Explore activities and reference materials about culture.

Cultural Educator: Aziz Abu Sarah

Learn about the work of a cultural educator.


This collection contains a selection of content around culture.


Read about physical and political borders, border protection, and historic border disputes.

Beyond Borders

This middle school unit uses maps to explore European physical and cultural landscapes.

Building Bridges

The Authority for Community and Youth

The Authority for Community and Youth, part of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, works to deepen the involvement and connections between the university and different communities and populations across Israel. 

Coexist Foundation

The Coexist Foundation works globally to build religious literacy and encourage cross-cultural understanding. 

Teaching Tolerance

Teaching Tolerance is a program of the Southern Poverty Law Center. Its mission is to reduce bias and promote equity in schools throughout the United States.