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Frequently Asked Questions

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Which edition of "Explorer" is right for my students?
What’s included in a subscription?
How much does "Explorer" cost?
How much is shipping and handling?
Can I purchase a single subscription to "Explorer"?


How can I get a quote?
How can I place an order?
Are there any order deadlines?
Can I change the quantity I ordered?


When will I receive an invoice?
How do I make payment?
What do I do if I have issues with my payment/billing?
Where can I find my account number?
What do I do if I want a refund?


When will I receive my magazines?
How are my magazines shipped?
When can I access my online resources?
Why has my order not arrived?
How do I know which magazine I’m getting?
Where can I find the month/date of each issue?
What should I do if I am missing part of my order?
What should I do if the magazines arrived damaged?


How do I get access to my online resources?
How do my students access the digital magazine?
When can I access my teacher’s guide?
What is a redeem code?
How do I add a redeem code to my existing account?
What should I do if I’m having technical difficulties?
How do I change my password?


Where can I find the poster?
Where can I find past issues of "Explorer" magazines?
Where can I find the interactive whiteboard lesson?
Can I order "Extreme Explorer"?
Is "Explorer" available in Spanish?
Can I order "Explorer" outside of the US?

Contact Us

How can I contact "Explorer" magazine?
How can I give feedback?
What if I have another question?
What should I have ready when I call customer service?