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Brain Games


Since the day you were born, a slimy, three-pound blob has controlled your every thought, memory, movement, and emotion. The human brain continues to be the star of National Geographic Channel's popular series Brain Games. In the brand new season, the series explores visual perception, memory, skill learning, decision making, and much more.

Use these video clips from Brain Games episodes to learn more about the fascinating human brain.

On the National Geographic Channel

Check out the National Geographic Channel for more information on Brain Games! and Brain Surgery Live.

Check out the National Geographic Channel for more information on Brain Games!

Brain Surgery Live on National Geographic Channel

Brain Games Video Clips

Use these Brain Games video clips to bring the human brain into your classroom

Decision Making and Behavior

Watch these videos to learn how cultural and instinctual factors influence decision-making, and how studying animal behavior can reveal insights into our own humanity.

Amber Case: We're Already Cyborgs

Amber Case: We're Already Cyborgs  

Advancing technology is modifying modern human behavior by creating new tools that aide our decision-making.

Jared Diamond: Lessons from Hunter-Gatherers

Jared Diamond: Lessons from Hunter-Gatherers  

Learn how various traditional societies treat their elderly, and how modern societies can change their behavior to be more like these cultures.

Iain Couzin: Lessons from a Cannibal Plague

Iain Couzin: Lessons from a Cannibal Plague  

Discover what humans can learn about group decision making by studying cannibalistic swarms locusts and crickets.

Chimps vs. Humans: Successful Societies

Chimps vs. Humans: Successful Societies  

Comparing behaviors of humans and chimpanzees within their respective societies reveals insights into human decision making and behavior.

Brain Research

Investigate the mysteries of the human brain and an Explorer who is shaping brain research.

The BRAIN Initiative

The BRAIN Initiative  

A challenge to unlock the mysteries of the human brain.

Meet Tan Le

Meet Tan Le  

This explorer is revolutionizing brain research

About Your Brain

Learn more about your brain with the links below

Photograph by Milles Studio / Shutterstock

Brain: Command Central  

Learn more about the most complex organ in the human body.

Teenage Brains  

Why do teenagers act the way they do?

Beyond the Brain  

The wonders of the brain.

Photo Gallery: Brain  

Explore these images of the brain.