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Jean Lafitte BioBlitz

Education Resources from the 2013 BioBlitz in Louisiana

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Photograph courtesy National Park Service

FieldScope Activities

Get familiar with the ecosystems and geography of the Barataria Preserve using an online GIS.

Exploring Ecosystems Using GIS

Using the National Geographic FieldScope tool, students explore the human and biological features of the Barataria Preserve and its surrounding landscape. Then they investigate map layers of this landscape and analyze human-environment relationships within it.

Biodiversity in a Wetland Ecosystem

Students explore biodiversity, research species of interest, and use the National Geographic FieldScope tool to predict where those species would live in a wetland ecosystem.

Hydrology of the New Orleans Region

Students learn about hydrology, explore the hydrological features of a landscape in National Geographic's FieldScope tool, and apply their knowledge during a role-playing activity about natural resource management.

Mapping the Mississippi

Students explore the physical and social characteristics of the Mississippi River through Internet-based research and an interactive map to measure and analyze the river's geography. They compare these methods of investigation to understand the benefits of different types of learning resources.

BioBlitz Education at Home

Get Involved

Find BioBlitz education resources to help you plan your own event and learn more about the program.

Encyclopedia of Life

Find a treasure trove of resources to learn about the organisms that call the Barataria Preserve home.

Tiny Travelers

Louisiana’s red swamp crawfish has flourished—as both food and pest—across four continents.

One Species at a Time: Fungi

This podcast explores a life form that's all around us, yet rarely seen. 

Species Collections

Find lists of all the known species found in the Barataria Preserve, from reptiles to fungi!


Play a fun round of BINGO to learn about park species. You can have a group play online or print out boards to play offline.