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Photo of a rocky bluff overlooking a lush green valley.

Photograph by Mike McArthy, My Shot

The information and links on this page provide Arkansas teachers with a variety of National Geographic resources aligned to the Arkansas Social Studies Framework—specifically as supplementary materials to help teachers prepare to implement the Grade 7 Social Studies (Geography) Curriculum Framework.

The beginning collection of resources includes:

  • Tables for each of the ten standards in the Grade 7 geography framework. Each table provides links to National Geographic resources that connect to performance objectives for the standard—resources we think might be helpful as teachers plan their geography curriculum.
  • A link to MapMaker 1-page maps for the individual continents and countries, plus instructions for customizing the maps for student and classroom use.
  • A link to the MapMaker Interactive resource.

Resource Tables

Map Resources

MapMaker 1-Page Maps: Continents and Countries


To find a continent map, click on the dropdown arrow next to "Africa" under REGION. To find a country map, select the continent and then click on the dropdown arrow under COUNTRY to select a country.

To customize the map:

  • Enlarge the map using the full screen icon in the lower right corner of the map window.
  • Add or subtract map elements by expanding the arrows for Basic Map Elements, Border and Names, and Other Features and selecting or deselecting elements. 
  • Use the Drawing Tools or Markers to add lines, polygons, key points, or other features to the map.
  • Download your map using one of three provided download options in the bottom bar: PDF, image, or XML file to save and re-open later. (Select the XML file if you want to change your map at a later time. Use the "Reopen a Map" feature to upload your saved map and make changes.)


MapMaker Interactive

Learn all about using MapMaker Interactive!

  • Scroll down to watch the Get Started with MapMaker Interactive video
  • Then, use MapMaker Interactive in student assignments or as a teaching tool.