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About National Geographic Education

National Geographic Education focuses on working closely with and creating materials for educators and schools that bring the Society's spirit of exploration and adventure to our goal of educating young people about their world. 

To be effective in the modern world, young people will need to be able to thrive in diverse workplaces and respond to fast-changing circumstances. To act responsibly, they will need to understand how our interconnected world works so they can make informed decisions. These are the same qualities exemplified by National Geographic explorers for more than 125 years. For that reason, our work is aligned to a learning framework that defines the attitudes, skills, and knowledge of an explorer. 

Educators and learners can find and explore all materials created by National Geographic Education here, at With over one million visitors each month, the award-winning National Geographic Education website is recognized as one of the most innovative sources for educational and reference content.

The National Geographic Education website at offers free geography, science, and social studies resources for K-12 educators and students. These highly engaging, multimedia materials maximize learning in and out of the classroom.

The site features wide-ranging instructional content—spanning pre-kindergarten through post-secondary—that brings concepts and real-world events to life for our worldwide audience. Cutting-edge multimedia and mapping tools engage a new generation of young people in National Geographic’s iconic research and media.


Teaching Resources

Standards-based lessons and activities use National Geographic photos and video to enable educators and learners to explore the world. Hundreds of free activities and lesson plans are available for use in classrooms, homes, and other educational settings. They are searchable by grade, subject, and audience.

  • Lessons, activities, units, and ideas
  • Professional development resources and courses
  • Collections for STEM, Common Core, citizen science, and other timely topics
  • Educational interactives and games


Reference and News

The site’s extensive reference offerings for students combine maps, videos, photos, and text to explain complex topics in an accessible, student-friendly way. Students can search by grade and subject to satisfy their personal curiosity or conduct research for school.

  • Geography and geoscience encyclopedia
  • Real-world profiles of explorers and scientists
  • Current-event connections
  • Articles on events and research
  • Homework help
  • National Geographic video, photography, and illustrations



Interactive maps and tools offer students the chance to see the world in new ways by inviting them to create and print their own maps, incorporate thematic data about the world, and supplement it with graphics and links of their own creation. FieldScope, our interactive mapping platform, lets citizen scientists view and analyze data geographically.

  • Interactive maps with thematic data layers for data analysis
  • Geo-tours and geo-quizzes
  • Black-and-white outline maps to print in sizes from 8.5x11 inches to 8x10 feet
  • Historical maps and maps from National Geographic magazine


Games and Interactives

The site features many games, apps, and interactives for learners with a focus on decision-making, interconnections, and learning through exploration.

  • History interactives
  • Interactive science models and calculators
  • Exploration games
  • Vocabulary games
  • Geography games