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Species are disappearing at an alarming rate. But together we can help.

The interaction between animals and their environments is the engine that keeps the planet healthy for all of us. But for many species, time is running out. That’s why National Geographic, along with renowned photographer Joel Sartore, is dedicated to finding solutions to save them.

The National Geographic Photo Ark is an ambitious project committed to documenting every species in captivity—inspiring people not just to care, but also to help protect these animals for future generations. And, with your support, we’re funding on-the-ground conservation projects focused on those animals in most critical need of protection.

Picture of Budgett's Frog (1103405)
Picture of Joel Sartore


“I want people to care, to fall in love, and to take action.”

Photo Ark founder and National Geographic photographer Joel Sartore has visited 40 countries in his quest to create this photo archive of global biodiversity. To date, he has completed intimate portraits of more than 6,000 species.

No matter its size, each animal is treated with the same amount of affection and respect. The results are portraits that are not just stunningly beautiful, but also intimate and moving. 

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Join us and help make a difference by sharing, supporting, and saving.

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Picture of Barbary lion at the Plzen Zoo (2331437)

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Support Photo Ark  

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Join us and help make a difference by sharing, supporting, and saving.

Documenting the World's Animals, One Picture at a Time

Documenting the World's Animals, One Picture at a Time  

A first in National Geographic magazine’s history, ten different Photo Ark images were featured on multiple covers of April issue. Read the article.

Can You Identify These Animals From Their Close-Ups?

Can You Identify These Animals From Their Close-Ups?  

From spotted fur to smooth scales, Photo Ark’s images demonstrate the vast and colorful diversity of nature. Test your knowledge.

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Photos: Florida panther photographed at Lowry Park Zoo in Tampa, Florida; Budgett's Frog photographed at the National Aquarium in Baltimore, Maryland; West Usambara two-horned chameleon photographed at the Houston Zoo.